Thursday, March 29, 2012

small style #43

here are some more pics from that warm warm weather we had last week!
these were all sent to me by Isla's daycare provider Kattie.
Isla loves Kattie, 
she always says "hi!" even before we've gotten up the path to the door.
it's lovely to drop her off every day.

{how cute is this little lady?}

sweater: Old Navy, gift from Grandma Val
t-shirt: Joe Fresh, consigned
leggings: George
boots: no label, borrowed

the warm weather has come and gone :(
it has been cold again, this morning we woke up with freezing rain again.

it was a tease, 
a real tease that warm March weather.


Jen said...

Oh my goodness, love the pink boots!

Your daughter is beautiful.


Meagan said...

That coat is too cute! You Isla is getting so big!