Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Blogiversary to Katie Geranium!

7 years old!

i am really starting to get into the swing of blogging. 
i am even starting to think in blog format throughout my day :)

i have some goals for the coming blog year.

goal #1:
stop being a blog creeper and start commenting!! 
i read a lot of blogs throughout my day, but i am definitely guilty of coming and going without making a single comment. this is not very supportive of my fellow bloggers, especially the ones i have been reading for a few years!

goals #2:
publish 2-3 posts a week.
i have started being better at that over the summer, but as i am gearing up to go back to work i want to stay in the swing of things! it may mean writing multiple posts at a time, but i want to be consistent! especially for those of you who are reading my blog regularly.  Hi!

goal #3:
figure out how to take better pictures for the blog!
whether that means taking a course, reading some books or saving for a new camera, i want to be able to upload pictures and not cringe at the quality.
any suggestions?

goals are well and good, but even better?
a giveaway!

to mark the 7 year blogiversary of Katie G, i am giving away a little vintage tea pot (it holds about 2 cups) and a handmade by me tea cozy!

i'll be throwing in a few surprise goodies as well.

to enter leave me a comment saying hello and where you are reading from :)

and if you've never commented before, now is your chance!

good luck!

oh, and the contest will be open until monday at midnight, standard eastern time.


Kristina said...

Hey! It's Kristina (Tyler and Kristina). I've only recently started reading your blog since dinner with Pat and Beth, but it's very good! Don't worry about putting me in the draw, but I wanted to say hi and let you know if we ever have kids I'll be coming to you for advice! You seem to know everything! Good luck going back to work.

Sara Schulz said...

Oh Kaaaate, I am definitely a blog creeper too but why not comment when a giveaway is at stake! And a tea cozy give away at that!! I love your creative projects and would love to get my hands on a Kate original tea cozy ;) thanks for blogging, I do really enjoy reading...maybe i'll even blog myself one day,. It's a whole new depth of sharing thoughts with the people around you. And in case people don't tell you enough, posts by you, Maryann and Sarah are a great encouragement to me! Plus I get to see what little Isla is sporting! xo Sara

Dani said...

I'm with Kristina... don't need to go into the giveaway, but wanted to profess my love for you and your family and your blog. :)

Saskatoon misses you! :) I<3U2 (not the band)
... but also the band... ;)

Ben and Maryann said...

Woot woot! Happy Seventh Blogiversary! I love the tea cozy, Kate. I say ditto to all three of your goals so I'm going to borrow them from you and make them my own too.

the goose and the goat said...

Hi kates! It's nin. Love you. Xo

Rosie said...

I love your blog Kate! I always look forward to your updates. If I win that Tea Cozy I will have to purchase a Tea Pot!!

-Roslyn (Vancouver, BC)

Melissa said...

I'm Melissa and I'm your BFF. I should get the tea cozy because it matches the quilt made with love by Kate for me when I was sick a long, long time ago. I'm from Burlington, Ontario. Oh dear, baby's crying, gotta go....

Carla said...

Way to go with the blogiversary. My blog has certainly been long neglected and will probably stay that way. I am updating my class websites though...if you want to see what we're doing in physics and grade 10 science stop on by:

PS I love that tea cozy!

toliveinthewoods said...

You have such a lovely blog Kate! And I'm amazed at your craftiness — in the good way, of course, not that creeping, sinister, scheming kind of way ;) Such a talent for making beautiful things. Thanks for sharing your projects and thoughts with the rest of us! Looking forward to staying in touch via our blogs this year. xo Julia

Anonymous said...

Oh hey, thought i should add myself to the comments! Especially since I am in the first post ever! Such a great way to remeber the times! Love your teapot and cozy! And proud of you as always my friend! Xo B

Amanda said...

Yay Kate, I love following your blog it is forsure one of my favourites. Thanks for all of the encouraging, inspiring and funny thoughts and ideas over the years!
xo Amanda