Monday, September 12, 2011

Isla eats.

One of my favourite things to do is to watch Isla eat.
Ever since she has been able to pick up her own food, I love seeing her figure out how to get it in her mouth,

Isla loves to feed herself-which is not always helpful for a quick meal time-
but she will pick something up in her hand and pass it back and forth and examine it before putting it in her mouth.

some of her favourites include:
-shredded chicken
-sweet potato
-steamed beans
-puffed kamuts
-whole soft pears*
-whole peaches*

rice rusk

raspberries & blackberries & pear

bun with gramma kiki


really getting into that nectarine
what's left of a whole pear

lunch with Isaac

bread & cheese
Isla also loves yogurt, oat cereal, ham & carrots.
So far, we haven't really found anything that she doesn't like. She seemed really adverse to bananas at first, but now enjoys them as much as anything else.
Also, a trick I learned for those slippery foods like banana or fruit pieces is to coat them in wheat germ. 
gives them grip.

what kind of foods do your kids love? anything they really don't like?

*Just a little warning: 
giving her whole fruit is certainly messy, but it does give a good amount of kitchen cleaning time!


Meagan said...

I found your blog from, and I wanted to say hi! I too have an Isla who we cloth diaper and baby-led wean! Glad to find another one out there.
P.S. she's too cute!

katevp-a said...

Meagan, do you ever get the feeling that Isla is becoming a very popular name?
I love that your Isla is Isla June. :) similar sounding to our Isla Beth.

Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Kate! I love how HUGE that nectarine looks and how hard core she goes for it in these photos :) I love that little Tiny.

loved all the photos in this one!

Meagan said...

Ha! Yes, it is becoming more popular! But, I'm hoping that it just becomes more mainstream than overused. I'm praying we aren't the next Aiden or Ava!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!

I started reading your posts today through a link on facebook.. I can't believe you've been blogging for seven years, very impressive! It looks a lot like e-scrapbooking :) Anyway, I will probably forget, but it's a really good idea to dip fruit in wheat germ. So clever! :)

Rachael B :)