Thursday, September 01, 2011

small style #13


miss Isla has learned a new trick!! 

that's right!  Isla girl is now climbing. 
so far the balcony door is the only thing I've seen her climb,
but I have found her in her stroller and standing on her little white chair that her montly photos are taken in.
girl can move!

 she is getting so big!  

I was just watching a video from May when she learned how to inch.
How is it that she is almost walking now?


shirt, pants, shoes: all Joe!

and as always,
I am linking up with Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa!!

sigh, what a darling.


erica @ expatriababy said...

Love me some Joe! Stella has a onsie in the same pattern as these pants!

Morgan said...

What a little beauty! She is so sweet! Now that she's climbing the fun is just beginning! :)