Thursday, September 29, 2011

small style #17

sorry we're a little late today!  some bloggy technical difficulties,
but yay!
my sister did send me some pictures from the wedding.

so here is Isla small stylin' at the wedding as promised

(as well as some extra pics of the wedding thrown in)

my cousin Tim and his beautiful bride Lauren
with my Grandad
with auntie Danielle
Isla making herself at home!
just a "small" portion of chicken fingers
how cute is this dress?

dress: Joe, consigned-also, this dress is almost like a little raincoat, all the spills slide right off!
shirt: osh kosh, consigned
tights: no label, consigned
shoes: Mexx, consigned

and of course we are linking up with Morgan here:

ps. I just wanted to clarify that we did not feed Isla all those chicken fingers.
we broke off the batter and gave her bits of the real chicken inside.
(just in case you thought we force fed her a mountain of chicken batter)

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erica @ expatriababy said...

OMG I am now starving for chicken fingers. Thanks for that!
Cute photos. Cute girl!