Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12: the last item i purchased

the last item i purchased was gas to put in my mom's car... 
but that's boring, so...

the last item i purchased was more of a little shopping spree.

while i am in Hamilton i always visit Once Upon a Child.

it's an amazing consignment store, 
nothing else i have been in has ever come close to comparing to it! 
the prices are amazing!

on this trip i bought:
cords for Isla
striped sweater for Isla
polka-dotted sweater for Isla
2 Sesame Street dvds
an activity mat/gym for Megan
a toy Winnie the Pooh colours/shapes/numbers phone

all for about 40 dollars!

pretty happy about all of that :)

and my mom found a cute little house and mouse family to keep at her house and it kept Isla entertained for hours!

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