Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16: someone who inspires me

last year i posted about Isla inspiring me to be a better mama.

well this year is similar theme, but the person who inspires me to be a better mama, wife and friend is my friend Sarah.

Sarah has 4 children... 4 very young children.
She has a very happy home, her kids love each other, they are obedient (and they are cu-ute!).

She loves Jesus, loves her husband and loves her kids.
She cares about others and is a blessing when she shares or speaks.

She keeps things real, but is always looking for the better.

When I had Isla, I found it surprisingly easy, like I had found my calling.

I never expected anything different with two.

Two was very different than one. To be honest...having Megan threw me for a bit of a loop.

I found myself becoming a mama that I wasn't so proud of.

I was yelling a lot, I was disorganized and felt overwhelmed and was very easily angered.

I decided to spend a morning with Sarah, just to pick her brain about how she makes her little brood work.

Sarah offered a listening ear, she offered some advice, some books to read, and what she has found to work.

I went out of there feeling loved and filled with confidence and peace.

Sarah makes you feel so welcome and like you are worth listening too.

one thing stuck out to me like crazy, something that I have been thinking about since that morning: Sarah's cell phone buzzed at one point shortly after I got there, she then picked it up without looking at it, turned it off(!) and did not look at it again the whole time I was there.

I think that right now, in our culture we are pretty used to cell phone's and we don't really take not when we or someone else answers a text or phone call right in the middle of a conversation, but let me tell you, it is significant when someone does NOT answer it. It made me feel like I was the most important person and that whatever I needed to say or receive in that moment was her primary focus.

She does that with her kids too. She loves each one as they are and considers the heart connection with them as one of the most important parts of being their mother.

I want to be like that.

sarah blogs over at Snailskin
she blogs about Jesus, family and real life.


wonder wilks said...

sniff, sniff, tear... so touched! you're too kind. i read this on just one of those, well... not so smooth days... what an instant encouragement! thank you for this. i'm pretty inspired by you too mama... just an hour in that creative splendour that is your home & i am refreshed & inspired! not to mention the love you've threaded into every quilt, pillow, chair... you name it. your house is the house that love built. and there is that sweet baby & too cute for words isla... aren't they just so lucky to grow up with you next to their side. :)
love you kate. xo

Mary said...

I love this Kate. It's so true. Sarah can be in the midst of a whole lot of stuff going on around her and she just gives you her undivided attention in some amazing way. Plus, so full of wisdom. Amen to this.