Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14: style inspiration for the season

I loved last year's smallish style so much :)
I've been working on a few new ones, so without further ado,
here's another edition of "i wish they made that in my size"

smallish style fall

Dress: Striped Dress, H&M, $17.95
Bag: BDG Buckle Tote, Urban Outfitters, $58.00
Scarf: Men's Plaid Flannel Scarf, Old Navy, $18.94
Boots: Distressed Riding Boots, Forever21, $47.80
Socks: SmartWool Women's PhD Snowboard Medium Knee High, SocksAddict, $16.77

original smallish image pulled off of Pinterest
but is from the Australian clothing company:

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