Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Day 6: a book I'm reading

I'm currently reading
Heaven at Home: Establishing and Enjoying a Peaceful Home by Ginger Plowman.

 I got it from the library on kind of a whim, I was looking for a book on parenting and godly-parenting.
this one came up.
it's been amazing.
it reminds me a bit of babywise with some other relationship and organizational ideas thrown in.
it's about letting your kids be who they are in Christ and allowing yourself to be who you are in Christ as well.
there is always room for improvement and grace and growth.
i actually think i may reread it right away, as it has had a lot in such a small book and i want to make sure that i am getting all that i can out of it.
she also points to scripture for the basis of all her points.
it's possibly a life-changer, this one. 


Anonymous said...

so happy to hear your bloggy voice again :) xo B

katevp-a said...

Thanks B.

it feels good to be back :)