Friday, September 24, 2004

...and maybe i could get a freezie?!

ok ok ok...
so yesterday beth and i bought 14 new cds for the low low price of i think 54 dollars... which kind of sounds like a lot... but think about it.. 14 cds at a usual average price of 15.99 each... that makes 223 dollars and 86 cents.... so you ask.. how did we get them so cheap? a little place called 'unclaimed baggage'. that's right friends, there is a store with people's unclaimed baggage. so imagine if you lost your whole cd book while travelling... imagine more likely if scott kurtz lost his whole cd book. that is a lot of cds and a lot of good cds. check in all your home towns! see if you have an unclaimed baggage store.. it is a like a little miracle.

then after a laundry stint at noah's, beth and i made supper for jeremy and our new friend mattie... oh well mattie is not beth's new friend but just mine. (i mean that they were friends before, not that they aren't friends). then beth, mattie,(side note on mattie....he has this lovely kind of bonjoviesque hair) and i rented 'the shining' which both of them had never seen before and which i did not remember how creepily scary it was. jack nicholson is one scary man. but when we went to rent it i got a free freezie! now that is a good rental store.

today i am off to maxville to chill with the youth and then tomorrow to montreal to see danielle and my momma. oh and my aunt leslie too. it's gonna be good.
i was thinking this morning about how when i am with my family i do not want to stop moving in the Holy Spirit... in fact even more so i should be praying in tongues and just spending time letting the Spirit move through me talking to them. more of Him less of me. but really what i was thinking that i do not want to not pray for people on the street just because i am with my family... so basically i am praying that i will have an oppurtunity on the streets of montreal to pray for somebody (maybe even heal someone! who knows!). anyhow, it's gonna be a good weekend regardless and i am gonna tell my mom all about Jesus and how much he loves her and wants to protect her and take care of her.

oh just one other thing. you know how sometimes you say something maybe a long time ago but you don't really remember it ? well the other day i was sick and didn't go to class and one of the girls in my program asked beth where her friend was, and beth was confused and thought that she was talking about blonde beth, and said well she decided to not be a nurse. this girl was so upset and said... 'oh no! i just remember that one class last year when she said that the reason she was in nursing was to heal children.' beth laughed and said that's kate! she is still here, just sick today.
but it is funny to me that something i was totally just saying about myself encouraged someone so much. i mean i only said it in realizing that half the people in our class were in it for the money... egads! i do not want a nurse who just wants to make money!! we need to be passionate about our jobs! (and not just nurses) anyhow... i am going to go talk to her next week... she wants to work with kids just like me.

over and out.


Anonymous said...

most honourable kate,

i am very pleased that you too have joined the strange and weird and sometimes very thought provoking world of online storytelling. it also warms my heart to know that there is both a video rental store that gives out freezies as rewards *and* an unclaimed baggage store in ottawa (oh how i wish i would have purchased a decent raincoat there before i came to this precipitation-loving land). i hope that you will not be like your good friend b*** ****e who ignores her online journal thing for months at a time. i trust you will not. glad that you are doing well.


Anonymous said...

ah hem... yes, it is true, i have maybe lost some vigor for the online journal world... ok, a lot of lost vigor... but i am considering re-starting the embarassing first attempt... and for you kate... i found the hampsterdance cd... very clever my friend, very clever... -Beth
ps i like that it says i sould 'publish' my comment...