Thursday, September 30, 2004

how could i forget!?!?!?!

last night!!! i can't even believe that i forgot! one of my university time dreams has been fulfilled. as some of you may know, and probably most don't, i have been extremely fascinated with the firehall at the corner of laurier and king edward. i love to watch those firemen run and jump into their get ups and clamber aboard their trucks and race off to save the world. well, oh me oh my, last night when we were walking by, i said when will we ever go in and see the fire hall and beth said right now... and we went in and met the firemen and i got to sit in a fire truck and pull the horn and the lights were flashing and i even got to see the poles that they slide down!! and they for real use them! and they said i could come back anytime!!! imagine toi!!! it was so cool.

if it weren't for prophecies over my life i could die a happy woman right now..
peace out

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