Thursday, September 30, 2004

heh heh heh..... ye-ah....

it's so good to have pat back after a 2 week hiatus in ireland. the three of us (beth, kate, mattie) and pat are united again. what a sweet little posse, i'm lovin it.

tonight was a fabulous night of a soup party at lisl's and ice cream to follow. glorious. yet again i was mocked for thinking that massages are like foreplay (hello!? rubbing peoples backs?) anyhoo. beth and i rented 'mean girls', i gotta say it was a huge disappointment, nothing at all as i had hoped. it was just kind of a rough not even very funny movie about highschool life. too bad, it's the first time in a while that i have been disappointed by the teeny bopper movies. we rented 'win a date with tad hamilton' on monday night and that was really good. sigh, such a nice story. also my ultimate fave of right now 'what a girl wants' with amanda bynes. so so good. i am all about the G rated movies right now.

sometimes i get mocked and noah say's i am picky, but truly, is it a bad thing to not want to watch a bunch of yucky sex and promiscuity in a movie? i think not.

tonight the boys are playing poker, their excuse to hang out and talk, but it actually makes me really sad to see all the boys in our church gambling. is that the only reason they can come up with to get together and chat? i guess. still it makes me sad. at this point it would seem that all i can do is pray about it (all i can do ! sheesh, i make it sound like prayer has no power! when clearly it has the most power!)

tomorrow is a day off (kind of) and i need to tidy up this mess i call my room, seriously, i don't even know how i can live in it. hopefully one day i can outgrow it. enough is enough. i think cheryl said she had a book about being organized and not messy, and i think that it is a christian book which is kind of cool (and interesting).

i finished reading 'matilda' today, and while i was reading it on the bus this morning i was able to spark a sweet convo with a kid and his dad. boys who read matilda are sweet, just like ben's cabin at boys camp that one year. very sweet. speaking of ben, i hope that he is well and enjoying the newest nephew that has been added to the hettinga family.

started another book, one i read in grade 6 for a book report, i just found it at a garage sale 'the true confessions of charlotte doyle'. hopefully it is as good as i remember.

oh also, hopefully beth and i will walk to mattie and pat's tomorrow and i can see alex again and prove to her that i could be from campbellford (c-ford what!!!!) as if i couldn't. if i don't go visit dave in waterloo at thanksgiving i will go to the 'ford and live it up with the keenes and get jed to fetch me a stick.

anyhow, i'm out.

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