Wednesday, September 29, 2004

that is not from campbellford..

that's right folks. sadly i am not from campbellford, home of the giant toonie, world's finest chocolate and a nearby cheese factory and beer brewery. you would think with all that knowledge i could be from campbellford. truly tho, doug and marilyn... like my ontario parents. and seriously... with a best friend who pronounces campbellford minus the 'r' thus letting everyone around her believe that she is in fact french.... i love that gal.

anyhoo, it was alex who said i was not from campbellford when the whole posse was together: robin, the other kate, mattie, alex and beth, and me; the girl not from campbellford.

tonight was a fantastic cell and we got together in small groups and prayed. i love praying and encouraging people. it is so practical and i just always know that it is going to be good and God is going to do sweet things and i can hardly wait til next week to hear about it.

today was ramona's birthday. ramona (for those of you who do not know) is my little sister, recently saved out of a life going nowhere into a life of freedom and grace. roslyn, a fabulous little sister. what a lovely day.. the day of the birth of a girl that God planned on saving from the beginning of time. praise his name!

i just thought of the little huss and how i have not talked to him in eons and how i am a bad friend to him sometimes and i need to call him. i hate when we neglect the important people in our lives. the ones who always love us no matter what we do.

also... i hope so much that the girl who said in the last comments "i am the punk rock prom queen" is none other than soya.

one more thing, i got to see kate higgins tonight, which was so happy because i haven't seen her in 5 months and i am filled with love for that girl. i never had a friend named kate before and it is always a good time.

love never fails.

peace yo...

ps. tomorrow is a soup party at lisl's and i am stoked.. partly because i love soup and partly because i love lisl and partly because i love all the others who will be there.

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Anonymous said...

the world's finest chocolate? i had no idea that the residents of campbellford made such grandiose claims.... i know some belgians who would rumble over this one.