Thursday, September 23, 2004

shades of pink

i like this idea of blogging. i like being able to know what is going on in the lives of my saskatonian friends (a shout out to all of you livin' it up in the SK!) and perhaps they would like to know what is going on here in my life in the capitol city. we'll see. perhaps this will simply become another procrastination tool. no... i think it will not... this is the year of studying. it's gonna be good.

last night beth, robyn, maryann and myself had a sweet time talking to God before bed. a lot of laughing occured.. which usually happens when our head coverings turn into a pharoah look alike contest. oh beth. anyhow, we've been having a copious amount of new students join our church as of late and we spent some time praying for them and for relationships to be formed with them.

yesterday when i was walking to meet ryan and beth for lunch, i was encountered by a boy selling books on yoga and meditation and vegetarianism... maryann informs me that this boy is a hare krishna (oh). anyway, i stopped and spoke with him for awhile and i told him i was a christian and he tried to tell me that in fact Jesus is not God, but a pure soul bringing people back to God. it was actually a very good conversation.. except he kept telling me that all religions lead to the same God... but if they don't all lead to Jesus than really there is not point. anyhow, we are to get together for coffee at a later date. the thing that i thought of as soon as we parted ways was... how come there are people on the street preaching wrong things and leading people astray when i know the truth and i am content with walking home without sharing a word of Jesus to anyone!!!! this is ridiculous... and if nothing else.. God has used that boy to put an evangelistic spirit in me..

working with teenagers, evangelising... what next? God i am ready! bring it... whatever i said i would never do i am ready to do it!!!

posse out

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