Monday, September 27, 2004

i'm a punk rock prom queen!!!

i wish i was a punk rock prom queen... but truly it is only josie and the pussycats, a cd i just purchased at none other than the unclaimed baggage store. it reminds me of soya... i can just see her with her microphone shampoo bottle belting it out. oh soy.

so i had my weekend in montreal, it was really good to see my mom and know that she is ok and not crying anymore and doing such responsible things such as selling her own car. i guess roslyn told her that she needed to start acting more like an adult and make her own decisions. oh ramona, always so wise. i love my mom, so much... when i think of all the things i put her through when i was a rotten teenager. my mom makes me think of jesus' forgiveness. how no matter what i have done he still loves me and still gave up everything for me.

i was up late last night so i need to take a nap now.... but i have more to say about my weekend

'stay tuned!'

posse out


Jason Mulgrew said...


jason mulgrew
intense quasi-celebrity

Anonymous said...

dearest big sister
i find your life quite exciting.
and i cannot wait for you to come home.
because i have a feeling we will get along.
because i know we will both be praying for peace
in the van patter family.
especially over chirstmas time.

Anonymous said...

actually. i am the punk rock prom queen.

TigerLily21 said...

I also wanna be a Punk rock prom queen :D

scott in the way said...

dearest big sister,
reading your blog fills me with joy. Tell rozz I say hi and welcome to the kingdom. I'm so glad that there will be two van-patters praying now, that's some powerful stuff. Keep writing, it makes me miss you.