Friday, October 28, 2011

here we are

so, we've moved now.

we moved on Saturday.  we have heroes for friends.

when i went to pick up the moving truck....  there    was      no     reservation   ..........

aw, nuts.

and of course i had lost my tiny piece of paper that had the info i wrote down.
so, no trucks left in the city.  not anywhere. not with any company.

discount said they found one in Bells Corners for me, 'okay' i said, that's not too far, that can work. 
i called them just to be sure... no, they did not have a truck, there were none left in the city....

oh, right.

Uhaul had one i could get at 2pm.  ok, that could work, but kinda sucks since it is 10am and people are meeting at our place at 9:30am to help move.  

oh, and did i mention that at this point we are not even at home? that's right. 
we're at Ben and Mary's, where miss Isla will be spending the day, trying to figure this all out.


friends (the superheroes) are at our place waiting for us.


Dale, the lead superhero calls and says that he can probably get us a truck, he has some super-power influence or something....

and by 11 we are all at our apartment loading the van.

the move went amazing!

we were completely moved in and done at 2:30pm.


all of our stuff fits, we are loving being here.

Isla is sad when we make her come downstairs.  she wants to be upstairs where the girls are playing.  

we (the ones who gave her life) are now boring....  

um, isn't that supposed to take a few years to happen?

so, a big thank you to all our superhero friends who helped us move:
Edem, Ryan & Sara, Darren & Naomi, Annie, Isak, Benoit, our leading superhero Dale, & his leading superhero lady Jen (who made us chili and sandwiches and rice krispie squares for lunch!), Mike & Kristen,
and to the other superhero friends who watched Isla:
Ben & Maryann, Beth & Pat

in our church family, if someone is moving, it is pretty much guaranteed you will have a team of movers with no questions asked.


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