Thursday, October 20, 2011

small style #20

it's been a busy week around the Geranium household,
we are packing packing packing,
Isla had her first daycare morning,
i seem to have pulled a major muscle in my neck,
but life barrels along!!!

here is miss Isla on Wednesday.

I had to laugh because we were at moms' life group and Janie commented that the other little girls there are always dressed so girly,
she didn't mention Isla!

And then I came home and read this post, all about kids fall fashion, over at Mama Loves Papa,
hee hee.  
boys' style indeed.

also! Isla can blow in a whistle now! for real!
she thinks it's funny to blow in it and then put it to my mouth to let me blow in it too, sweet little girl.

plaid shirt: Joe
striped tank top: George, thrifted
white onesie: Gerber
jeans: H&M, thrifted
socks: Old Navy
moccasins: Handmade from up North

Check out all the other sweet babies over at Mama Loves Papa:


Melissa said...

I am a fan of rugged-looking little girls. I like it when Amelia wears her little black and white Ramones onesie with pink pants. Makes her look all rock'n'roll. I wish you good luck on your move and with your neck and going back to work. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the term "rugged looking", especially in relation to little girls! Also, Isla is such a trend-setter ;)


pintucks said...

LOL - boy style. Am looking at Sam in his green pirate onesie, socks, and no pants and thinking "Huh. Style you say. Interesting."

Also, OWN IT while that girl doesn't have strong opinions about what she wears because I WILL TELL YOU FOR FREE that a day will come when she will refuse to wear half the stuff she owns for absolutely mysterious reasons. (Right now, for instance, Anika will not wear sweaters. At all. No sweaters over other shirts. It does not matter if she chose the wool and I knit it for her - no. No sweaters. #headdesk.)