Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i am so in love with this!

oh my gosh.

a couple of summers ago i bought a dollhouse from a garage sale.
it was in pieces (ahem, it is in pieces)
but i had a vision for a lovely dollhouse for my someday, maybe daughter
(or to be perfectly honest, if i didn't have a daughter it could be for me!)

it looks huge, i paid $15 dollars for it.
it currently resides in the basement of some friends (remember, still in pieces)
the lady who sold it to me said she bought it to make for her daughters... uh oh.

but a few weeks ago, Nicole wrote about a big doll house project called the

it actually was started by Emily Henderson, from HGTV's 'Secrets from a Stylist' 
(you can find her blog and the original post here)

essentially it is a dollhouse decorating challenge.

i am in awe
i am enthralled
i am so excited whenever a new post comes along containing any dollhouse related details

i sure wish my dollhouse was able to come out now, but we don't currently really have the space

so i will live vicariously and plan....

 i guess i now have a dream house file and a dream dollhouse file!

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