Monday, October 31, 2011


Isla will be starting daycare this week.
on her birthday.
the day i have to go back to work.


2 weeks ago she did a trial half day - LOVED IT!

and last week she did a trial full day- LOVED IT!

woo to the hoo!!

after a few traumatic daycare encounters i have found the best place for Isla.

Kattie has a daughter who turned one in August and Isla loves to play with her!

Kattie also sends me little photos and updates on Isla throughout the day, it is really nice.

it is so wonderful and peaceful to send Isla to a place that i feel is so similar to what she is receiving at home.

Isla's very first day-taken by me

eating avocado-taken by me

sleeping the first trial morning-taken by Kattie

eating breakfast the full trial day-taken by Kattie 

drinking her 'ba' the full trial day-taken by Kattie

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Melissa said...

When you find the right dayhome or daycare, you just know. Cole's first day care provider was Beth and I have a photo of the first day he was there, in her arms and oh it still makes my heart pause. They're like a third parent, so they really have to be someone you feel comfortable with. And it