Wednesday, February 29, 2012

motherly worries

about 3 weeks ago i was worried that Isla's vocabulary was too little (it wasn't really, she only needed to know 3-5 words)
she knew: mama, baba (bottle), dada, no

the past week and a half she has added these:
daddy, josh, kitty, kattie (her daycare provider), fish, bunny, blankie, soo (soother), isaac, Bible, amen, block, apple, nana (banana), k (short for okay), 

sometimes we can worry about silly things, and then our babies take off in front of our eyes, and we are a little sad that they are not our little babies anymore.

i was also worried last week that she couldn't properly use a spoon, and that her friend Jillian who is a month older could feed Isla with a spoon!

tonight at supper Isla pretty much speared her entire meal with a fork.


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Ben and Maryann said...

Ha ha. I love picturing Isla eating her whole meal with a fork. She's growing up for sure. I also love the "amen" is one of her first words. Sweet.