Wednesday, February 08, 2012


well, i announced it on facebook, but i neglected to announce it here.
whoops.  ;)

we are indeed expecting our second baby, due around July 30th.
if this one is anything like Isla, they will make an appearance around August 7th.
we'll see.

i am now 15 and a 1/2 weeks along.

with Isla we told quite a few people very shortly after we found out we were pregnant,
 partly due to the molar pregnancy,
we wanted people to be standing in faith with us,
and we had early ultrasounds that showed us a little beating heart and then a little baby body.

this time around,
for some reason we kept it a little more quiet.
we told a few close friends, we didn't even tell our family until we were about 10 weeks.
and the rest of our friends we didn't tell until we were 12 weeks.

i'm not sure why exactly, 
but it felt like we just wanted to have this little secret to ourselves.

it was fun to think i was walking around with a little secret living inside of me that was all my own.

miss Isla really has no idea what is going on, as my stomach gets bigger, we'll explain things to her (as much as she can understand)

but she had one of her first encounters with a new born, 
and she was in awe!

she kept on bringing over Taflyn's soother to have it put it, and she loved peering into her car seat to check out that wee sleeping babe.

so nice.

needless to say, we are super duper excited.

we will find out if baby A #2 is a boy or a girl sometime in the end of March.

it has been strange this time around, with Isla we had so many early ultra sounds to make sure she was alive and healthy, but we've only had 3 so far for this one

(btw, i know that 3 is a lot by most momma's experiences, but we had an early one to rule out another molar, and the first one there was no heart beat-it was too early but you can just imagine the nerve-wracking 2 weeks that followed that-then we had one at around 6 and a 1/2 weeks and we saw a heart beat and then we had the IPS* testing done at 13 weeks)

just wanted all y'all to know about us and our ever expanding family :)

*i'll write another post about why we do IPS testing, i know not everyone does it but it works for us.

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