Thursday, February 23, 2012

small style #38

i'm currently in Hamilton visiting my mom.
whenever i'm here, i always try to schedule a visit with this lovely momma.

i was thinking this morning before i went over, that i know a few momma bloggers,
but i've never done a co-blogging post, or blog sharing, or i'm not sure what you call it...
maybe blog collaboration?

anyway, i was over there today and Melissa mentioned that it was Thursday,
i hadn't officially taken any small style photos yet this week,
so blog collaboration here we go!

here is miss Isla and miss Amelia.

Amelia was almost named Isla as well i found out today :)
Isla was both a taker and a sharer this morning.
she took Amelia's cheerios and her tupperware
(as evidenced above)

but she did bring Amelia her sippy cup a few times.
sippy cup sharing happened as well,
soo sharing was almost happening, but we got wise to that in time :)

how cute are these ladies?

Isla is almost 16 months,
and Amelia is almost 11 months.

we had a lovely morning with Melissa and Amelia.

on Amelia:
shirt: First Smile, hand me down
dress: Gymboree, hand me down
leggings: Disney
socks: we weren't sure, but the are hand me downs!

on Isla:
shirt: Roots, gifted
onesie: Carter's, consigned
pants: Old Navy, borrowed
socks: Old Navy

i think Amelia's wardrobe may be even more frugal than Isla's!

check out some other cute wee ones over here:

*ps: i know Melissa because my very good friend Maryann is her sister.
Melissa and i became friends by hearing Maryann tell stories about the other,
and finally we met when Melissa came to Ottawa with Cole when he was a baby
(i think this is the first time we really met...sorry if i am forgetting another time!)*

Melissa and Maryann also have a very fun co-blog where they share stories of veggies, flowers, sunshine and fresh air...


Melissa said...

Thanks for including us in your small style feature of the week! We did meet once when you were in nursing school. You came home to your house in the villa and very animatedly described the first birth you had ever witnessed. I will never ever forget you making a mock-pelvis with your hands and sticking your head through it.

Ben and Maryann said...

The very first time Kate and Melissa met was long ago on the day Kate saw her first baby being born. She came home and reinacted all she had seen... for Mary and Melissa, who was visiting Ottawa.

katevp-a said...

oh my gosh!!! how could i forget this!

this is probably one of the best first meetings ever!

a birth re-enactment, classic kate.