Tuesday, February 21, 2012

on the road again...

er, in the sky again?
on sunday afternoon,
Isla and i flew from Ottawa to Toronto
we're staying with my mom while Thom is doing another week of training.
expect a post later this week about thoughts on how amazing single parents are!!

here is Isla in the Porter lounge in Ottawa, waiting for our flight.
she is staring at a little boy who keeps trying to steal her straw cup.
and she is enjoying a little chocolate chip cookie.
Porter is fancy.

Isla was a trooper, she's flown a few times,
but she doesn't really like being held in the 'burping position' for take off and landing,
she was pretty clear on that one.
too bad, so sad miss Isla!

Porter was having a 50% off ticket sale, and since Isla still flies free,
it was about $200 including taxes. 
Not bad when you think about a 6 hour drive by yourself with a 15 month old.

*does anybody else love that the Ottawa airport code is YOW?
                                                                  i always think, "YOW!" when i see it*


Meagan said...

She looks so big here. Good luck with your travels!

the goose and the goat said...