Thursday, February 16, 2012

small style #37

i think Isla may finally be on the mend!

here is some heart day style.
finally back at daycare

{at day care, photos courtesy of Kattie}

{watching silly songs for the umpteenth time}

{poor girl still has a bit of a rashy face}
Isla girl and i have been on our own this week.
Thom is away doing training for work.
it has been a longer week,
but it has been a challenge that i (and little Isla too!) have risen to meet.
more on this later.
this momma needs to get herself to bed. 
one more day sans Thomas.

long sleeve t: George, consigned
onesie: Carter's, consigned
pants: Carter's, consigned
socks: Old Navy

1 comment:

Melissa said...

So glad Isla's feeling better. Amelia is wearing the same heart-y onesie right now! (Size 18 months...yipes....she's only 10 months)