Friday, October 01, 2004

she calls early in the morning...

...about money that i might of spent. it's a classic case of i don't know where it went. -weeping tile

i am sure that sarah harmer wrote this song when her mom called about dwindling funds (at least that is what i am like when my mom calls) anyhow, i bought the weeping tile cd 'cold snap' yesterday as well as a few others on a lovely afternoon date with pat and beth. i finally walked all the way to pat, mattie and alex's place(so now i never have to do it again! well.... maybe one more time..) then i serenaded pat and beth while we made a splendid supper of tuna melts and soup. mattie came home just in time to enjoy the fruits of our labour and a lovely supper time ensued.

then off to hang out with the campbellford posse yet again. at robin's this time. but there was like 9 c'ford people and little ol me trying to prove that i could indeed achieve campbellford status. i love those little campbellfordites (for more interesting facts about campbellford you should visit beth's blog )

this morning i woke up with a full blown cold... one of the perks (i am sure) of spending every waking moment with elizabeth margaret keene... seriously... i now start to feel withdrawal if i do not see her for a couple of hours... i am sure it sometimes sickens those around us.
sadly this cold did mean that i did not get to play with nathan today:( that is now 3 weeks in a row for one reason or another. sadness.

plans for the day:
-clean room
-cuddle with beth
-chill and ill with mattie, pat and beth

that's all for now

'catch you on the flip side'-sir

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scott in the way said...

oh kate, the idea of weeping tile makes me weep. I never got to get tickets to the sarah harmer show in toon town and now it is sold out and I seriously felt like crying when I found out. Some day I will see her before I die. I was going to marry her, but I guess that part worked out for the best. OF COURSE IT DID! Just in case you thought I was in any way middle-of-the-road about that fact.
Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I'm still reading.