Tuesday, November 01, 2011

mad men

here are the photos of our family 'mad men' style.
sorry for the blurriness! 
Sarah's not sure what happened to her camera settings.

family photo

baby Isla
baby Isla and Daddy
a few things:
1. i'm glad that i don't live in the sixties-Thom is a super dad, changing diapers, cleaning house, dinner making, getting up in the night kind of super dad-i don't think this happened in the sixties very often!
2. i think that this is my favourite theme party to date-i had the dress, Isla had the dress, Thom had the suit, we just had to add a few pieces.
3. Isla is wearing the bonnet i wore as a baby at my christening-it was a little big, but made the outfit complete :)

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