Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 26: something i'm looking forward to

no surprise here!
i'm totally looking forward to Christmas.

i love Christmas

i love:

paper snowflakes
candy canes
hot chocolate
egg nog
presents (giving and a little receiving)
some snow
and i especially love that it is the time of year that i get to hear music about Jesus everywhere i go :)

does anybody else love Christmas as much as i do?
is anyone else sad that in 30 days it will be boxing day?

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Melissa said...

Just wait! If you think Christmas is fun for you now, wait until Miss Isla "gets" it. Wait until she asks about what kind of cookies Santa likes and when she can put decorations up on the tree and when she can help you decorate a gingerbread house. Wait until her eyes light up with the first snow fall and when she can scream with glee as she toboggans down the hill with you. It just keeps getting more and more fun each year with my kids!