Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13: something i'm proud of

this is the thing i am proud of: my body.

i had, for quite some time, not been a huge fan of my body.
it wasn't the way it looked in high school (duh.)
none of my clothes seemed to fit anymore (some were from high school, can i say 'duh' again?)
it didn't let me eat anything i wanted to (the way i could in high school-are we seeing a pattern here?)

so apparently i was in some high school warp where i assumed that my 5'7" frame should be at 28 years old the same 100 lbs it was at 17.

why do we do this?

here is where my pride comes in:
my body gave life!

i am in awe that my body grew a little miracle from teeny tiny cells to a big 8lb 9oz baby girl and then birthed her out!

seriously, i am an amazing amazing woman.
my body has done me proud.

i am more so in awe of my body this day than i have ever been before. 
anytime i feel like it doesn't look like it did when it was 100lbs, i first say, 
'kate, you wrestled in high school and cut crazy weight-not healthy. secondly, you are not 17 years old and your body will look different, and thirdly and most importantly, your body did an amazing task. give it and yourself some hip hip hoorays and some love and grace!"

and so i do.


Dani said...

HURRAY!! What a fabulous "enlightenment". You are so very right, and definitely should feel proud! :)

Melissa said...

YES! Every stretch mark on my abdomen, I've earned!