Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12: three blogs i can’t get enough of

woo hoo!  

I am so happy to share with you 3 blogs that i can't get enough of.

the first is definitely Young House Love
John and Sherry and Clara and Burger and all their house renos.
pretty much every time Maryann and i get together we say "hey did you see this or that on Young House Love?"
right now they are in the process of taking out a wall between their kitchen and dining room.

it went from this:

to this:

to this:

i can't wait to see what it will all look like when it is done!
they also tell a really honest tale of what it is like to be full-time bloggers and that a lot of becoming full-time bloggers is luck (lots of time to be sure, but it is kind of lucky as to whether or not you end up with a huge following or not)

the second blog that i check daily is the Anderson Crew
this is a fairly new to me blog.
i forget how i came across it, but i love to read about Emily and her family.
she has 5 kids with one on the way!
she talks openly about life with that many kids and the process of adoption and adding a child that way to her family.

here they all are:

i love this blog so much because of how honest Emily is.
she loves Jesus and her family and has really cool ideas on how to keep so many kids organized and feeling loved and special.
i also like it because i love the idea of a big family.

and the third blog i can't get enough of is Tollipop
Tollipop is Kirsten, she is a Canadian mama living with her husband and 3 daughters in Las Vegas.
of course i have soft spot for her because she is Canadian, but it is more than that.
her posts are great. they read like a well written book and can be absolutely hi-lar-ious!
she writes about the Death Squad, a group of men that she runs with through the desert.
she writes about killing scorpions SCORPIONS! that are a natural little yucky thing to deal with in the desert.
(imagine-i shudder at the thought)
she also has an etsy shop where she sells the most wonderful drawings of little characters.
Isla has Remy Fox and Margaret Bunny up in her room.

here is Kirsten with her girls

Tollipop writes about life:
drawing, baking, running, violin, cello, piano, hamsters, volleyball, family, cousins, royal weddings,
hair fascinators, 
she writes in french, franchment
she is a mother after my own heart.

i love how her girls are creative and real.

i read blogs because they inspire me, they give me ideas on how to craft, write and live.
it expands my world a little beyond my city.


emily anderson said...

you are SO sweet! thanks for the kind words :)

Ben and Maryann said...

Thanks Kate. I am looooving Tollipop and excited to check out the Anderson Crew.

kirsten said...

thank you, kate. your description of my blog was fascinating even to me! so kind. xo