Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24: something that means a lot to me

my lovely momma gave me this snow globe about 3 years ago.
it means a lot to me partly because i love how simply and beautifully it depicts the manger scene
and partly because this is a special gift from her to me.

my mom doesn't have entirely the same beliefs as i do,
she was raised Catholic but is fairly non-practicing,
but ever since i became a Christian she has truly been there for me.

God has used her to bless me and protect me and guide me.*
i love my little Joseph, Mary and Jesus snow globe,
and it always makes me so happy to put it out for Christmas.

thanks mom!

*a good example of this is when i first moved to Ottawa for school,
about 2 months in i became very homesick and was thinking it was a bad idea to be here,
upon telling this to my mom, she promptly replied: "you need to find some Christian friends on campus, go find that Christian group" (she meant intervarsity)
so off i went and met my now long-time friend Noah,
who was in his fourth year of nursing school (i was in first year)
and he brought me to my first meeting with the Church body that i still call my family :)

my mom is lovely. 
-she is also something that means a lot to me ;)-

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