Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 4: a friend i adore

i have many lovely lovely friends,
many of whom i adore.
just some of the adore-able friends 
but in choosing just one, 
i chose Maryann.

this year, i spent every other friday with Maryann.

she has been my friend for about 8 and a 1/2 years now.

we met while we were in university.
she was visiting her boyfriend (she went to uni in Peterborough) when we first met.

we lived together in my second and third year of school.

i surely wish i didn't have my photo albums packed away so that i could pull out some photos from those days!
in New Orleans
-Maryann would probably like me to add that while i thought
her hair looked exotic this entire trip, she thought it looked frizzy.
i still say exotic!
Maryann is a lovely friend.
i love her because she is always thinking of others.
she is courageous and takes that courage to culinary heights 
(it's not always welcomed by her husband
-he does not like sweet potato muffins-but i do! so keep on being a courageous cook Mary!)
she is honest and genuine and listens to you and gives you advice or lets you talk your way into answers on your own.

Maryann got pregnant in June of 2008, around the same time i had my molar pregnancy.
she told me that she believed we would be pregnant together
(this was before we knew it was a molar and had to wait 6 months to try again)

but low and behold when her son Isaac was born 9 months later, i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant with Isla.  Maryann is a believer in truth and miracles.

Maryann's Isaac and my Isla
Maryann loves Jesus and looks for him in the every day 
(you can read about that here)

she is a ferociously loyal friend and sometimes she doesn't even want to share me with her sister.
She and i also have bonded over similar interests (we talk blogs, babies, home improvement, crafty-ness, and pretty much whatever else is on our minds)

a silly camping pic-we were under that tarp in the rain
the reason Mary and I got to spend every other friday together this year was that when she went back to work, she began a compressed work week, so while i was on mat leave, she was able to have every other friday off.

Maryann and i have been close friends for a long time.
(she was one of my bridesmaids dontcha know?)

but i think that a lot of our friendship has grown over being mamas together this year.
it has been lovely.

Maryann, you are lovely friend who i am very blessed to know.

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Ben and Maryann said...

Kate, I love you! I love our silly giggling and the realness of hanging out with you. I love that we can go from chatting home projects to talking about Jesus to mama talk to exhausted eye-droopy silence in moments. Love that we're raising babies together. I love you! Mary