Saturday, October 02, 2004

tonight was the night.....

i met ross and janet!!!!(mattie's parents) now i just have to meet jim and betty-dawn and i am set. janet is the polkaroo to beth... so she may be sad and say 'janet was here? and i missed her again?' maybe tomorrow before they depart she could rendezvous with them.

so i only got one and a half things done on my list... i cuddled with beth and hung out with pat and mattie, sans beth. she has been youthing it up in maxville for the night. i miss her already and when i tried to make the joke the three of us and beth... i just couldn't do it because i always want beth to be a part of the 'team' (alex's term for us). anyhow, i am off to rest my weary sinuses.

posse out


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i would also like to the beth part of the team