Sunday, October 03, 2004

just like we talked about... the days keep getting better and better!

today i got to walk to church with a lovely bunch of students and on the way there and back mattie told me all about his last year. best part, he got stuck in a big hole(while traveling not while walking to the meeting).

we also talked about how God keeps making life better and better and just when you think that the best things in life hae happened God just pulls out another.

like this for instance... tonight i check my blog and there is a little comment from ramona the great... so off i head to her little blog and lo and behold!!! she is going to get baptised!!! hurrah hurrah hurrah. i am so happy. God is so good. you chould check out her page... it is a lesson in faith and excitement in the Lord

i just wonder when my parents will stop thinking it's a phase... i thought that maybe after me they would have been more accepting right away. i suppose truly it is satan trying to convince them otherwise, that perhaps it is not a life altering event. oh silly parents.

anyhow, i am faithful in prayer and i know that God is faithful to answer consistent, Jesus centered prayer.. so the whole fam shall be saved! hurrah!

today beth and i laughed so hard, ryan and mattie played haki sack with a huge purple gym ball, and vistoria said she was learning a math that i didn't know about (she's 7).
all in all one great day.

yours til the kitchen sinks

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