Saturday, October 09, 2004

the most delightful thing...

perhaps not the very utmost delightful thing, but a very good thing. i just got back from maxville and my room is still so clean... that's right folks..clean... i even vacuumed it and things are put away and even when i pulled fabric out the other day i put it away right away! imagine toi! i got home to a lovely surprise... maryann's engagement ring... i think it is the most beautiful thing i ever laid eyes on... i almost cried. it is lovely.

i was taking care of nathan yesterday.. so fun, that little boy makes me laugh so hard. we cut little pieces of paper ( to work on his fine motor skills) for an hour. so fun. then we played cars.

then last night i was at the youth centre.. fun all around except for mediating (sort of) a spat between two gals. it was craziness. but i love it there (imagine! me loving youth!) anyhow, i am off the peterbrough for the best thanksgiving (fyi this is a family's last name) and it's gonna be good.

on thursday beth wore a green tutu, maryann wore a yellow one, and i wore a pink one and mattie thought we were cuckooladoo.
all in all one twinkly toed day.

posse out

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scott in the way said...

You've always been a little bit cuckaloodoo. :)