Monday, October 04, 2004

"in your bum?"

ok.. beth is going to maybe slap me because i used that quote far too much today... but there is this girl in my micro class who is very funny and always yells out answers about random things but is always wrong or uses funny terminology.... that one was from the first day and we were talking about bacteria and where most of it is found and people were saying things like the mucosal lining, the epidermis, and the intestine and this girl just yells out "in your bum?" and the worst was that she was sitting beside me reading my notes and i was like egads! what if someone thought i yelled that!? then today, we were talking about salmonella in turkeys and how the inside has the most bacteria and that is where the least cooking is done and where you put the stuffing, and she pipes in with her cooking advice on how she always boils the turkey first, and that it tastes good but then afterwards proceeded to say that she didn't care about salmonella because she is a vegetarian! i don't even know. anyhow, it makes class more interesting.

today i was bethless in between my community health class and my international health and i finally branched out and sat with some other girls from nursing. hurrah! it was sweet and they were really nice and then i got to sit with them in class too. i have made a lot of new friends so far this year i feel, and it is good because i used to be only loving the gold friends (make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold ... this is a song fyi) anyhow, beth has been a good influence to encourage me to branch out and meet new people and it is good, and that is what God wants us to do, and that is how we get to share the gospel and see people saved.

speaking of which, tonight beth and i watched part of the hillsongs united dvd, and it was totally rockin for jesus! like youth and students totally pumped for God and praising him and dancing and jumping and totally on fire.... and beth said that is the vision that God gave ashley about church in rez. oh halleluia!!! i am stoked.

also, i talked to ramona the brave tonight about baptism, and for some reason she has been told to wait a year to take some classes... show me where in the bible it talks about taking baptism classes, really i'd like to see it... if it comes down to it i'm gonna put her in the tub at christmas... holy... God is so good, imagine that i get to talk about roslyn being baptised.....
sing praise! sing praise! forever God is faithful forever God is strong, forever God is with us forever!!...with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, His love endures forever. for the life that's been reborn, His love endures forever!!

today kate turned 20, beth had an inside joke with herself, and jes wore a stripey scarf.
all in all one fine day.

peace out


Anonymous said...

Kate, I can understand why you'd have a knee jerk reaction to be mad about your sister not being able to get baptised, but I'm pretty sure the thing about baptism is that it's more of a public symbol than anything. So I don't see how the bathtub is going to help unless the rubber duckie needs evangelising.

If the church that she attends feels that this is a neccessary thing, it's probably not an arbitrary decision. They probably feel that perserverence is better than passion, and aside from the fact that you need a healthy dose of both, I'd say they're right.

It's probably not a bad thing to ask someone to be steadfast and to learn in the holy spirit before they make a public declaration. Paul dissapeared for ten years before he started apostolising. In the end, if her committment is true, a year of being not-baptised is not going to make her less saved and it's not going to hurt her relationship with God.
Anyway, I think you understand what I'm trying to say.

Love Scott

katevp said...

scott... i do understand what you mean... but i don't really agree with it. just remember what you guys felt when you baptised travis at camp.
acts 2:38 says Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized,
every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the
forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the
gift of the Holy Spirit.
when we become christians we are supposed to be baptised right away.. it isn't meant to be this three step process, become a christian, wait awhile, be baptised in water and then when you are really ready be baptised in the Holy Spirit. it is supposed to happen all at once. in acts paul and barnabas went around and whenever they found any believers they would ask if they had been baptised in the spirit and in water, and if they hadn't received one or the other or perhaps not recieved both, then they would fill them in (not in a year class) and then baptise them. as well as baptism being a public symbol, i do not believe that at all... while yes, it does build the faith of those around and those doing the baptising, when moses was leading the slaves out of egypt, they were heading to the promised land, and they came to red sea, they had to go through the red sea to get to their new lives, when pharoah's army came after them, the waters washed over them, leaving any part of their past behind, their was no way for moses to go back, and no way for others to come forward. they left all forms of their old slave life behind. (1 corinthians 10:1-2 shows that this was an example of baptism) also romans 6 explains about what baptism truly is. God didn't just call pastors and elders to baptise (which is why when you guys baptised travis it was totally legitimate) in ottawa, we basically baptise most people in bath tubs (partly because we do not have a building for the church to meet in regularly, and partly because when someone is ready to be baptised we are ready to baptise them).
i do understand what you are saying, because i think that perhaps some of the problem is that churches don't know their body well enough to know for sure if people are really saved( which interestingly should not be our call anyhow) so they make people wait to take classes, but if someone wants to be baptised i believe that they are saved, otherwise, why would you do it? anyhow, those are just my thoughts ( and i know that i am not alone in thinking this) just some things to think about perhaps.
in love,

scott in the way said...

Kate, I completely 100% agree with you. The point I was trying to make, though, is that I think there might be more value in Roslyn working with her chosen community in this matter. If she wants to be a part of this church, she should probably not alienate them. If she doesn't agree with how they operate, maybe she should not be a part of it. That's all I meant.

Matt_Ing said...

Well this post is all commented out. But Kate hi! I saw your blog and it rocks. You have written over 2000 words! In your bum? is an attractive title.


Matt_Ing said...
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