Wednesday, October 13, 2004

it's one of those things i cannot live without...

this is what danielle has said about her curling iron... and it got me to thinking, what could i not live without? because it is definately a pretty drastic thing to say that one cannot live without a curling iron, no serious personal offense to danielle here, i don't think she meant to be so serious.
after reading lisa's blog does it seem like i am trying to be extra Godly by saying truly the only thing that i could not live with out is Jesus? because truly he is life. i mean, without him we are the walking dead, just waiting to be buried. there are other things of course, but even these come back to him. i couldn't live without beth because nobody in my life encourages me or challenges me to live for him fully. i said to her today... "what do people talk about when they don't Jesus, beth? it seems like meaningless gibberish if it doesn't come down to him." i couldn't live without my church. that being the whole ottawa body, then peterborough and toronto, and then the whole ministries without borders body and then really, the whole body of christ. because when it comes down to it i know that other believers would have the best for me in Him. i guess i need shelter, water and food. but really why worry? i know that he has provided for me all summer when i thought ends would for sure not meet.

it's like the NIN song, hurt... johnny cash style. truly... we have nothing but dirt on this earth. we talked about purpose last night at cell (sort of.. it was a tangent) but also, steve b. preached on it on sunday morn, and how we are all called to a purpose when we become christians, to share LIFE with those who do not have it. we are talking about life and death here people! it's like knowing someone is going to be killed and not saying anything, only it's way bigger than that! i have been realizing the desperation in actually telling people about Jesus... we cannot sit back any longer in this knowledge... it is silly and stupid... and not fair. i mean sure it's possible that people will think that you are crazy, or pushy or silly. but truly, if we believe this to be truth than why aren't we sharing it more? i don't even know.

this post was supposed to be all about my weekend at the best's and i don't even know where all this came from. i think i will have to do a whole other one just because the 2 don't fit together... wait.. no they do.. because again, i was spending time with Christ's body and enjoying his creation and fellowshipping with other believers.

sunday morn was a such a lovely time to be in peterborough, lots of familiar faces that i have not seen in forever. mike and kristen, who are getting married so soon, jeff and mary who are moving to ottawa in january, and we just found out that mary is pregnant! hurrah! a pregnant momma in ottawa! so happy. also, everyone was dancing to my favourite song, "song of freedom", and i don't mean just tapping their toes, i mean full out dancing. i got to have 2 sleepovers with april, and how i love spending time with her and josh because they have a such a lovely God honouring relationship and it is so good to see. just like ben and maryann. fantastic. and i got to have a big best thanksgiving dinner with nana and poppa best and all the relatives. it was so good. i got to see tomata, and meet sarah, and oh me oh my. cindy have tentative plans for a big sewing weekend.. maybe in december. oh yes.
then on monday i headed to c'ford (my wished home) and spend time with the keenes. i also got to meet fife and heather and go for a fabulous rowboat ride in uncle erwin's rickety rowboat (mattie and thomas took heather, fife, beth and i out for a little row). then i got to see the tree that bunged up mattie's knee. also, then beth and i went on a little jaunt in the woods behind her house and i got to step in some straightup campbellford cow dung, try and tell me now that i am not from c'ford alex!!! ;) i had some seriously good marilyn keene supper, and was sent home with a mitten basket and a tin of cookies. and then the icing on the cake..... when i got home i read roslyn's blog, seriously... check it out.. i cry almost every time i read it because it is so beautiful and refreshing and it is just so happy to have a sister in the kingdom.

then last night at cell we talked about baptism and how glorious it is. i love it... i love that it is so good, and that first we leave our old selves behind in water baptism and then we get equipped in Holy Spirit baptism... if you wanna know more about HS baptism... ask i would very much love to tell you!

on the weekend jamo had trouble with std's, april wore a beautiful pink skirt to church, and mattie told a story of putting his hand in fife's poop.
all in all a most delightful weekend.

peace yo

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