Saturday, October 16, 2004


well, i must say.... i just realized that it is october 16th and i as of right now still have no idea what to be for halloween.. i mean there are some ideas being thrown about, but nothing concrete. this may not seem like a big dilemma to the normal university student... but as i am sure most people already know, i am not the normal uni student. especially when it comes to halloween. last year i told kate h. that she ruined halloween because she changed her costume idea on october 1st. i like to have these costumes planned out... i like to make costumes and have enough time for mistakes. plus this time always falls in around mid-terms and i need time for studying and sewing! anyhow... the two ideas right now are either.. beth and i being the dead girls from 'the shining'..... "come and play with us danny, forever, and ever, and ever, and ever." and of course if do manage to find the perfect dresses than we are hoping to convince mattie to be danny. we'll see. the other idea stemmed from beth wearing the new tutu i made her, she also thru on the red hi-tops and an apron-made-into-a-cape combo. we thought just random super hero's... of course i would sew us real capes... but i don't know... in my eyes it seems kind of like a halloween cop out. ah well.

last night a bunch of us went to hear a man named joe boot talk on the science of belief. it was really good for me to hear because a lot of the time i think of the spiritual side of being a follower of christ... the passionate side, the perhaps more creative side... which is never a bad thing but it is good for me to hear a more scientific view on things. i think one of the things i was most greatful to hear was that when people tell us (christians) that we are forcing our beliefs on them, first of all for the most part i don't think we do (always exceptions tho) and the second thing is everyday in our lives securalism and worldly views are pushed on us! in school, in what we watch in movies and on tv, basically everyday the world is forcing us to believe what they believe.... untruth.

there was a nice rainstorm last night... i got to wear the yellow rubber boots and the red rainjacket. it was fabulous. also a shout out to the SK folks, i was wearing my u of s huskie shorts and sara mcclure said..."hey! i have those shorts!" to which i said.. "no you don't" but really she does! her and aunt and uncle live in saskatoon! imagine toi! fabulous.

yesterday i started to finish my own quilt, beth read about how there is no denying, that there is a baptism in the Holy Spirit, and pat did some research.
all in all one productive day.

today we get to help sylvie move in next door, maybe go to gatineau on a sweet hike and perhaps a wee canoe trip, and hopefully start a puzzle tonight.
all in all it looks to be a swell day

well. i wish you all a fine day... and i leave you with the thoughts of mattie kennedy..
"who do you think would win in a fight? 1 mister T or 6 master T's?"

a bientot!

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