Thursday, October 07, 2004

the best thanksgiving

this thanksgiving i get to stay with the bests! hurrah! it will be good times... talking quilting and nursing with cindy... finally meeting luke's girlfriend, chillin and illin with jamo, hopefully a sleepover with april (who is not a best but a very lovely gal) laughing a lot with steve. it's gonna be good. plus i should be back in time for turkey with t & s and j & k on sunday night. oh a good weekend shall be had indeed, and then maybe on monday i can finish my quilt... or start to finish it at least... we'll have to wait and see.

the only sad part of the weekend... not seeing beth for 4 whole days... i am sure that there will be some serious withdrawal. how shall i cope without her by my side every hour of the day? we'll just have to wait and see i suppose. last night we had a good rousing laughter before we prayed about the differences in our bodies. lots of laughing, to the point of tears.

also!!! i spoke to myriam on the was lovely, and we laughed about weddings and how i thought i had it bad with there being 4 weddings this srping... but she has been to 11 this year!!! 11!!! can you even believe? i am in awe. she is doing very well and it was so good to catch up and tell her about roslyn and have her be so excited. hopefully we shall get to play together sometime soon.

pat was in a bike accident. some lady opened up her car door and he hit it and went flying, he flipped right over it and landed on his butt. i am all in a tizzy about how much that lad needs a helmet... especially since he is riding my bike and very rarely do i let anyone ride it without a helmet, but mary has mine and probably it would not fit that o'halloran cranium.

also, beth and i got to watch mattie paint, and i think we think it was a dream. because his paintings look like they come from an old dead guy. not your 21 year old friend. it's weird but we are stoked about what God is going to get him to paint.

anyhow.. i must away to enjoy the day.

yesterday beth and i skipped class, lee got all of our poop on his hands and maryann wore yellow boots.
all in all one exciting day.

peace yo

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