Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11: something i've been craving

oh man.
if you know me, and you've been around me at all near Christmas, you know that live off of occasionally like to indulge in President's Choice Candy Cane Ice Cream.

I definitely had been scanning the ice cream cooler at Loblaws and Superstore 
(and to be honest, the Independent as well-a little desperate? it has been 10 months!)

but nothing.
on thursday.
we got our flyers, and included was the President's Choice insiders report.

it was all christmas, and lo and behold there was my ice cream!

i've been on a pretty good no dairy (minimal dairy?) kick since June (lost 15 lbs btw-apparently i like cheese)

but i will give in for this. 
seriously, i wait all year for it.

i know that a lot of people don't like the bits of candy cane, but oh i do.
i finally found it and bought one little tub (such restraint, i know!)

and i've even only had one little bowl.
i can hear it calling to me.

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