Sunday, November 06, 2011

Day 6: a book i'm reading

this one is easy peasy.
i usually have a few books on the go
but lately, thanks to my friend Kristen, all that i have been reading is the Twilight Saga.

i started them just before Thanksgiving (Canadian) and i am halfway through the fourth and final book.

Kristen has also been having me watch the movies as i finish the books.

now a little background.
i have been a sort of resister of the series.
i thought that there was no way that they would be as good as some other series, like Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Events.

when i decided that i would read them for interest sake (this was a while ago) i mostly expected something somewhat entertaining but something that would read like a Sweet Valley High or Babysitters Club book.

boy was i wrong!

i am seriously unable to put these books down.
the writing is very descriptive and you feel like you are entirely in a vampire/werewolf world.

they also are not as scary as i thought, you know, gruesome for gruesome sake.
certainly there are some tense moments, but it is more the situations and less the gore and blood.

basically, i can't get enough of this series and as i am quickly approaching the end of the last book, i feel a like my world is ending a little sad to think about it all being over.

at least i have the new Breaking Dawn movie to look forward to!

so, if you have been putting of reading Twilight because it seemed silly, or like you were jumping on the band wagon or ridiculously mushy or something like that, i very strongly urge you to try it out!!

and in case you weren't sure...


Melissa said...

It is not good writing, which made me feel a bit ashamed to read them, but it's amazing story-telling. I got hooked because my 12 year-old students recommended the first book to me and lent it to me. I was pregnant with Cole at the time and they were reading the fourth book and were dying to tell me about how I could be carrying a half-ling in utero. They really are highly addictive books - you are not alone in this.

katevp-a said...

I actually found the writing to be pretty good.
I definitely expected bad... really really bad...
but I have certainly read worse this year that would have claimed to be much better.

Ben and Maryann said...

I think it's about time I read this series. Kate, you've got me convicned.

spj's musings said...

I started following your blog because of this post! I love it when people can give Twilight an open-minded chance. I agree with Melissa, not the best-written books ever, but honestly I didn't even notice the grammatical errors because I was so absorbed in the story. Hope you loved the fourth book!