Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a few more thoughts on motherhood.

I have been told that motherhood looks natural on me.

And I have mentioned before that I feel like I have found my life’s calling.

I truly do love being a mom, I love my moments with Isla, I love the big ones, the beautiful ones, I can (usually later) cherish even difficult ones.

I have found motherhood to be more of a natural and organic venture.
I read books on sleep training and feeding cycles and no crying while I was pregnant, but for the most part, since having Isla, I have left those to the wayside.
I never was one to stick to a strict schedule with Isla. It was more along the lines of she ate when she was hungry and slept when she was tired.
She developed her own cycles, and she started to sleep through the night on her own at a fairly young age. Sometimes I feel guilty about this, like moms need another thing to feel guilty about!
I’m not saying that we don’t deal with any kind of parenting problem around here, we are currently dealing with a very early riser, this has been a little more difficult to deal with.

cloth diapers while camping!

I have dealt with the ups and downs of cloth diapering, and I LOVE cloth diapering, but it definitely has its downs (mostly ups!) but definitely some downs.
I started cloth diapering when Isla was 6 months, we do it almost full time, but it has been a bit more difficult due to bum rashes and daycare.
I also try my best to use organic products for her, but right now, it is certainly not the most cost effective, and if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. And we can’t always.

My family consists of myself, my husband Thom, and wee Isla.

We currently call our friends’ basement ‘home’.
We have our own bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a living room, but we share the kitchen and most of the living space on the main floor.
We have been learning what it means to live in community and be in each other’s spaces and faces every day.
We are Christians who are walking out our faith daily, and learning to show Isla what it means to love Jesus and to show others his love.
We are just beginning to navigate the world of full-time daycare, with me back at work full-time, which has been a transition, especially since my husband and I would both rather I could be at home with Isla in a greater capacity. But it has been a fairly peaceful process, going back to that whole Jesus and faith business.
We are living in the now, learning to appreciate every day, and every moment, and each other, and teaching it to Isla at the same time.

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I have written this post to enter into Today's Parent's search for some new Canadian blogging parents.

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Melissa said...

Motherhood definitely looks good on you. And it's not because Isla slept through the night early-ish or any other "chance" happening that might make you feel like you've had a good go of it. It looks good on you because of your attitude in the face of the downs as well as the ups. How you can completely relish in the ups and how you can take the downs with a grain of salt. How you keep it all in perspective and how you smile so much of the time. How you support other moms and just how you adore your little Isla.