Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28: a skill i'd like to learn

i've been seeing a lot of this around the blog world lately:

i did some screen printing in high school, but that does seem like a long time ago!

it seemed like it would be impossible to have all the necessities to actually do this again;
we had a big machine that put the vellum on the screen and lots of space and ink and the necessary tools.

the 're-love affair' with printing started with this lady holding a fabric swap.
here are some of her prints:

i discovered that a lot of them have been done by stamping ink on fabric.
i have (incidentally) also done some stamp carving (also in high school)
and i think that i could do that again and make some of my own prints for things.

fun, no?

ps. miss Leslie Keating is a Canadian gal living in Australia 

(i'm starting to think that maybe i am drawn to Canadian bloggers 
the same way that i am drawn mysteriously to Canadian authors)

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pintucks said...

TOTALLY fun to do this!! I have done a bunch of fabric painting with freezer paper stencils and that kind of thing - much smaller scale then like inking up a bolt - but it's totally fun. I actually want to try painting some curtain panels for our room next....wheee! Do it.